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L'abbaye de Bonport
Ancien réfectoire des moines - Abbaye de Bonport
A l'intérieur de l'abbaye de Bonport

Pont de l'Arche and Bonport Abbey

A Cistercian abbey founded by Richard the Lionheart

By the Seine, visit a Norman abbey founded by Richard Cœur de Lion. Just 25 mins south of Rouen, in extensive grounds with river views, this Cistercian abbey was begun in 1189 for The Lionheart, following an incident when he almost drowned crossing the Seine. He made a vow that, if he arrived safely (‘à bon port’, as the French expression goes), then he would have a monastery created on the spot. The abbey was sold at the Revolution, in 1791. Some of the medieval monastic buildings have survived, including chapterhouse, work room, cellar, kitchens and 13th-century vaulted refectory. Do visit this gem among Norman abbeys!


Discover Pont de l'Arche and Bonport Abbey


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